Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well friends, I finally got my second tattoo!  It's based off of a sketch by Jim Henson and it makes me giggle, which is exactly the point. 

I also got my stars touched up and they are chunkier than they were before... not sure how I feel about that, but they are also pretty damn cute.  Though I do have to admit that perhaps getting a wrist tattoo with lots of points and angles and all that was not the best idea for someone with OCD.  Just picture me with my wrist right up at my eyes and you'll get an idea of some mild obsessive moments.... or not so mild, considering I got the original outlines filled in and just got some points fixed. 

Third times a charm right.  A really fucking painful one.  Sigh. 



lacochran said...

I can't tell from the picture--is that Kermit inside the spaceship?
-lacochran (

Erin said...

Holy tattoo Lizzy! Having gotten a tattoo on my own foot I know that one must have hurt!

elizabethjune said...

Yep, it's Kermit... or at least a rendition of him by Jim Henson in sketch form... Sooooo cute!