Sunday, March 25, 2007

DC Rollergirls Expo Checklist

  1. Feministy girls of all shapes and sizes-- check
  2. Friends to go along for the ride, even if it is out in assfuck Virginia-- check
  3. Love of concession stand hotdogs-- check
  4. Inexplicable presence of really overly familiar bikers seemingly not related to anyone on the team-- check
  5. Amazingly (and area appropriate) punny team names like Scare Force One and Demoncats-- check
  6. Short skirts and hot pink (or blue) wheels-- check
  7. Halftime show that made me sorta want to (re) watch Roll Bounce-- check
  8. Mmmm, hot dogs... oh wait did that one already--- check again
  9. 2 hours of speed, falls, pushing, obscene finger gestures, tights and skates--check
  10. The above making me want to join-- check


amythemighty said...

You should join! Come on out! Anyway, thanks for saying nice things about us, and our hot dogs.

Maul Flanders
DC DemonCats

Hooah!Girl said...

Hooah! Thanks for showing our flyer and doing the DC RG Check List! Awesome .. awesome!
We are taking in new skaters - care to challenge yourself?

DC Rollergirls
DC DemonCats - Cocaptain